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Five Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Piano School

Choosing the right piano school is crucial for your or your child's musical journey. While factors like price and location are important, here are our top recommendations to ensure you find the best music school for your needs:

1. Teacher Qualifications

The credentials and experience of the instructors are paramount. You should make sure they are professional musicians with formal higher education in piano specifically. While many musicians have basic piano knowledge, only highly qualified piano teachers possess the skills and experience needed to effectively guide students. At Oslo International Piano Studio, our teachers hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano, complemented by extensive concert experience. We are committed to providing top-tier instruction from dedicated pianists!

2. School Reputation

Look for schools with a strong track record. Check for positive reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook. Seek advice from your community, including other expats or colleagues with firsthand experience. With nine years of operation, Oslo International Piano Studio has built a solid reputation based on student satisfaction. We are very proud to maintain a perfect 5-star rating!

3. Performance Opportunities

Performance experiences are integral to musical growth. Check if the school offers opportunities for recitals, competitions, or other performances. At Oslo International Piano Studio, we organize two end-of-semester concerts annually, along with group masterclasses, house concerts, and optional end-of-year exams. Our supportive environment ensures that performances are enjoyable and non-intimidating, with refreshments and a friendly atmosphere for all participants. Children look forward to our concerts months in advance!

4. Atmosphere

Pay attention to the overall atmosphere of the school. Is it welcoming and conducive to learning? Check their social media presence for genuine photos and videos of students and teachers. At Oslo International Piano Studio, we prioritize creating a supportive and inspiring environment where students can thrive and enjoy their musical journey. Our teachers foster strong connections with both each other and our students, creating a warm and collaborative atmosphere. Many of our students have formed lifelong friendships at our school!

5. Flexibility

Consider the school's policies regarding missed lessons. At Oslo International Piano Studio, we offer a flexible online system via our student portal, allowing for lesson swaps and make-up lessons in a seamless and efficient way. You should not lose a lesson due to illness or travel!

Choosing a piano school is a significant decision that can profoundly impact your passion for music and overall learning experience. By considering these factors, you can confidently select a school that aligns with your goals and provides an enriching musical education. Good luck!

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