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Buy a lesson package for yourself or for someone you love. Start anytime during the year. Our packages are valid for 6 and 12 months after purchase. Individual lessons.

Have you already received your package? Click here to start scheduling lessons!

How it works:

Online Shopping

1) Buy the lesson package

Choose between:


5 lessons x 30 min

10 lessons x 30 min

20 lessons x 30 min

5 lessons x 60 min

10 lessons x 60 min

20 lessons x 60 min

1 lesson x 60 min

Image by Avel Chuklanov

2) Get your printable gift card

Immediately after buying your lesson package you will receive a confirmation email. You can start scheduling lessons from there. However, if you wish to get a personalised printable pdf for your gift, simply send us an email to with the name of the recipient of the present and we will make the printable for you!


3) Schedule your lessons!

Click on "schedule your lesson" directly from your confirmation email or go to the following link. Select your desired teacher and time for your first class. Redeem your unique code at checkout. After your first lesson you can keep on scheduling lessons online. Each lesson will be automatically deducted from your package.

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