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Begin your musical journey today!

Simple and transparent all-online booking process.  Instant confirmation.

Weekly lessons

OPTION 1:  Weekly lessons - school year 2023/24 (come once a week at a fixed time)

Our most popular option! Individual lessons. For those who wish to come on a regular basis. One semester binding only. The first lesson is a trial at the same cost as the other lessons.

Registration form

How to register :

Online Class

1) Complete the registration form


  • Children or adults

  • 30 min or 60 min

  • Teacher

  • Weekly time slot

Online Shopping

2) Pay 460 kr registration fee

Pay the registration fee with your card at checkout. This yearly payment secures your weekly slot for the whole course.  After payment you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your first lesson (map, how to find the classroom, teacher's phone, etc).

Erini and Joakim.jpg

3) Take your first lesson!

a) If you love it: you don't need to do anything, your weekly slot is already secured. You commit to one semester only.
b) If you don't love it: let us know within 5 days and we will cancel your registration. (VERY IMPORTANT!). We will invoice you the difference between the registration fee and the cost of the trial lesson (0 kr per 30min // kr 350 per 60 min).

Find our prices here.

Read the full studio policy here.

Do you have any more questions? Read our FAQs: children / adults

Leson packages
Lesson packages scedul

OPTION 2: Lesson packages (come whenever it suits you!)

For those of you who cannot commit on a fixed weekly time. No binding. Start anytime during the year. Our packages are valid for 6 and 12 months after purchase. Individual lessons.

Online Shopping

1) Buy your lesson package

Choose between:

5 lessons x 30 min

10 lessons x 30 min

20 lessons x 30 min

5 lessons x 60 min

10 lessons x 60 min

20 lessons x 60 min

Image by Avel Chuklanov

2) Schedule your first lesson

Immediately after buying your lesson package you will receive a confirmation email. Click on "schedule your lesson" and select your desired teacher and time for your first class.

Carla with Susana laughing.jpg

3) Take your lessons!

After your first lesson you can keep on scheduling lessons online here. Each lesson will be automatically deducted from your package.

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