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About us: Our story
It's never too early and never too late to follow your dreams.        
Emília Rovira Alegre

Our story

We have already taught the piano to more than 700 students from 40 different countries!

Hello! My name is Emília Rovira Alegre and I’m the founder of OIPS. When I started the studio back in 2015, my vision was very clear: I wanted to create an excellent piano school where individuals from all over the world living in Oslo (and also Norwegians, of course!) could find the best inspiration and support to pursue their own musical goals. Since then, I have been fortunate to have seen our students succeed in so many different and inspiring ways:

  • Passing international piano exams such as ABRSM with excellent grades.

  • Overcoming performance anxiety after having quit the piano 30 years ago.

  • Being able to focus more at school after starting piano lessons.

  • Performing on national TV in front of thousands of people.

  • Surprising a partner with a piano recital on their own wedding day!


At OIPS we work hard to help our students keep a sense of joy while feeling supported and encouraged along the way. We also organise regular events, such as concerts, trips to the Opera, masterclasses and parties. Learning the piano is not easy, but which important things in life are? I look forward to welcoming you and your children to our big international piano family in Oslo!


Are you ready to start?

Our teachers

Dedicated, passionate and encouraging

About us: Our teachers

Emília Rovira Alegre


Music has been her greatest passion since she was a little girl. Emília holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Classical Piano Performance by Conservatori Superior del Liceu of Barcelona and a Masters Degree in Music Composition by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She has released three music albumsone of them with her own piano compositions – and has participated in making the music and lyrics of major video game soundtracks, having received a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. She has more than 15 years of piano teaching experience with children, young people and adults, and feels very passionate and enthusiastic about teaching music in a fun, creative and rigorous way. She loves meeting new people and interacting with the international community in Oslo. If you want to know more about Emília visit her personal website and check out her creative projects as a pianist, composer, writer and singer-songwriter:

Olga Hung piano teacher.jpg

Olga Hung

Teaches in English, Norwegian, Taiwanese and Mandarin

Olga Hung, originally from Taiwan, started her piano journey at the young age of five. In 2017, she made the exciting move to Oslo, Norway, to pursue her studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Olga was honoured to receive the prestigious Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship Program, which allowed her to pursue her Master's degrees under the guidance of renowned professors Håvard Gimse and Einar Henning Smebye. During her time in Oslo, she also had the incredible opportunity to learn the art of fortepiano from Liv Glaser. Driven by her deep passion and love for the fortepiano instrument, Olga embarked on a fulfilling journey of constant learning to pursue her interests.

With over 13 years of teaching and accompanying experience, Olga brings a wealth of knowledge to her students. She finds immense joy in sharing the beauty of music and takes great satisfaction in witnessing her students' growth. Interacting with her students is always a highlight for Olga because she believes that the learning process is a two-way street, with both the teacher and student inspiring each other.


To learn more about Olga and her musical journey, visit her website at

Haike Dietrich

Teaches in English, Norwegian and German

From a young age, Haike's passion for music has been an integral part of her life. Alongside playing the piano, she has explored the violin, recorder, and composing. Even during her previous career as a neuroscientist, her love for music remained unwavering and ultimately led her to pursue a professional path as a pianist.

Haike's journey has taken her through exciting educational milestones. She holds a bachelor's degree in piano performance and pedagogy from the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich, as well as an Artist Diploma master's degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music. With a diverse and vibrant career, she has showcased her talent as a solo performer, chamber musician, orchestra/choir pianist, and accompanist throughout Europe.

In addition to her artistic endeavours, Haike is a passionate music pedagogue. She delights in teaching students of all levels, from beginners just starting their piano journey to university-level teaching as an assistant professor at the University of Music in Tromsø. In her lessons, Haike aims to create an inspiring, relaxed, and joyful atmosphere while maintaining a detailed and goal-oriented approach tailored to each student's unique personality and strengths.

Haike firmly believes that anyone can learn to play the piano, and she sees it as her mission, along with other teachers, to preserve the wonderful culture of music. Her dedication to her students and her commitment to creating a vibrant learning environment shine through in every lesson.

To learn more about Haike and her musical journey, visit her website at

Haike Dietrich piano teacher Oslo.jpg
Leonie Wiegel Oslo Piano Studio.jpeg

Leonie Wiegel

Teaches in English and German

Leonie is a passionate pianist born and raised in Germany. Her love for playing the piano began at a young age, and she soon discovered her talent through participating in national and international competitions around the world. From Indianapolis (USA) to London and Vienna, Leonie has showcased her skills and passion on prestigious stages.


Leonie first embarked on her studies in piano performance and pedagogy in Frankfurt a. Main. Her thirst for knowledge and growth led her to an exciting exchange year at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where she continues her studies today.

Teaching has always held a special place in Leonie's heart. Even before her studies in Frankfurt, she gained valuable experience working with students of various age groups. Sharing her own musical experiences and witnessing her students' progress and motivation bring her immeasurable joy.


Drawing from her studies in scientific music education and her keen interest in psychology, Leonie strives to blend her acquired knowledge with musicality and spontaneity. She believes in making music an enriching and enjoyable experience for her students, combining technique and expression in her teaching approach.


Beyond teaching, Leonie is an active performer, delighting audiences with solo concerts accompanied by orchestras and immersing herself in the world of chamber music alongside fellow musicians. She believes that music, particularly playing the piano, has the power to positively impact the brain, heart, and enrich one's entire life.

Erini Kurmaku

Teaches in English, Italian and Albanian

Erin graduated with distinction in Classical Piano performance at the Academy of Arts of Tirana, Albania. After completing his Bachelor, he took a Masters in Chamber Music performance. For more than 8 years he was accompanist at the National School of Ballet of Albania, and this wonderful job made him work very closely with dancers and other creative artists. His love for the piano started when he was a small child, and now he has 15 years of experience teaching piano to both children and adults. Using his own creative teaching methods he motivates pupils to exceed their own expectations and makes them get the most out of their weekly practice. He loves teaching not only the classical repertoire, but also pop songs and jazz standards. He cares deeply about each one of his students and believes that learning music should be first and foremost: "something fun!".

Grace Oh

Teaches in English, Norwegian and Korean.  

Originally from South Korea, Grace was educated in England where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree at the Royal Academy of Music in Solo Piano Performance, and a Master’s degree at the Guildhall School of Music in London. She has continued her studies with the Norwegian pianist Håvard Gimse at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Grace also developed her theoretical knowledge in music through obtaining a Master's degree in this field. Teaching has been a big part in Grace’s musical development with more than 13 years of experience, and she strives for a well-rounded musicianship for herself as well as her students. She wishes to encourage the challenges and articulate what each individual students’ strengths are to help them develop further. She aims to cover all of the fundamental aspects in piano playing in every lesson, including all the fun!

Grace Oh photo.JPG

Sonja Markovic

Teaches in Norwegian, English,

Russian, Bosnian and Serbian

Sonja Marković is a passionate musician and educator from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She studied at the Music Academy in Banjaluka, where she earned her Bachelor's degree as the top student in the Piano Department. Sonja holds two Master's degrees in Piano Performance and Chamber Music from the Faculty of Music Belgrade, Serbia. She is currently finishing her PhD in chamber music.

With over 70 international awards to her name, Sonja has captivated audiences all across Europe as a soloist and has performed with orchestras. She is known for her exceptional teaching skills, having led a piano department for 8 years in Serbia and working with both children and adults. Sonja's students have gone on to become accomplished musicians and competition winners, showcasing her dedication to their success.

As a versatile musician, Sonja loves taking on new challenges and teaching students at different levels. She has a strong belief in the power of music education and shares her expertise as a jury member in national competitions and the prestigious International Competition "Susanne and Cully" held at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

In addition to her teaching and performing career, Sonja is the founder and director of the "Trebinje Classic" festival, which has brought together more than 200 participants from various European countries. This initiative showcases her commitment to promoting classical music and providing opportunities for aspiring musicians.


Feel free to learn more about her here:

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