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Individual piano lessons for children

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.  Plato

Did you know that learning music can make your children smarter? At OIPS we also believe that learning how to play the piano should make them happier.
Our lessons are very personalised and we like to combine the use of established piano methods with playing some of the child's favourite tunes. By dividing the lesson between the method books and some of the children's most loved songs we make our lessons attractive and exciting for them.

ABRSM piano program: If you would like your children to take the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ) yearly exams, we have designed a special program that will help them achieve each grade with confidence. Please, make sure you write on the registration form that you are interested in ABRSM.

A short video summary of one of our students concerts.

How to register (it takes 3 minutes):

Mother and Daughter

1) Complete the registration form


  • 30 min or 60 min- CHILDREN (children under 9 are advised to take 30 min per week)

  • Your preferred teacher

  • A weekly time slot. (Your chosen time slot will be the same throughout the year.)

Online Shopping

2) Pay the

registration fee

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3) Take the first lesson!

Pay the yearly 460 kr registration fee with your card at checkout. Upon payment you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your first lesson (map, how to find the classroom, teacher's phone, etc).

a) If you love it: you don't need to do anything, your weekly slot is already secured. You commit to one semester only. The amount of the entire course is paid in monthly installments via AvtaleGiro (automatic bank transfer).
b) If you don't love it: let us know within 5 days (VERY IMPORTANT!). We will invoice you the difference between the enrolment fee and the cost of the trial lesson (0 kr per 30min // kr 300 per 60 min).

Please, read our full studio policy here before registering.

Do you have any more questions? Read our FAQs!

If you cannot commit to the same weekly slot throughout the year we have lesson packages so you can take your lesson whenever it suits you!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I start anytime during the school year?
Yes! Since our lessons are individual we welcome new students anytime during the year. But we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible for 2023/24 to get the best weekly slots.

When can a child start learning the piano?
We welcome children from 3 years old and older. Small children start with pre-reading activities, a lot of games and aural exercises.

How do I know if my child will like the piano if he or she has never tried if before?
For new students, the first lesson is always a TRIAL LESSON, and parents can choose to cancel their registration if they don't want to continue. The trial lesson is a great way to get to know your teacher and see if your child enjoys the piano. The trial lesson has the same cost as any other lesson.

Are there other activities during the year where my child can participate in?
Yes! Once every semester there is a student's concert / party where our pupils play their favourite songs for their friends and family. They receive diplomas and celebrate with a party that the school organises for them. Also, we offer master classes held by other teachers where students can experience new ways of learning. Every semester we bring our students to the Opera and to wonderful concerts and other inspiring cultural experiences.

What happens if one day my child is sick the day of the lesson?

In most schools if you are sick or away you don't get the chance to make up for your missed lesson. However, at OIPS our students have the right to up to 2 free reschedules/make up lessons per semester, always subject to the teacher’s availability.


How do I pay for my piano course?

The total amount will be split into convenient monthly installments that will be charged automatically to your bank account via eFaktura. Check out our prices here.

Is there a binding time?
Your registration is valid for both fall- and spring semesters, but you only commit to one semester at the time.

What happens if I want to discontinue my lessons or if I have to move to another city in the middle of the school year?
You can cancel your contract at any point if you don't want to continue in the second semester (the second semester starts after New Year). You can do this by writing an email to the studio's administration ( before 1 December. If we don't hear from you by that date, we will understand that you have chosen to stay with us for the second semester as well. You don't have to cancel if you don't want to continue after the summer. All students have to register again before the start of a new school year.

Can I read the whole studio policy?
Sure! Check it out here.

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