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Terms and conditions for weekly lessons at Oslo International Piano Studio
School year 2022/23


Registration will be valid and effective once the online registration form has been filled in and registration fee has been paid (460kr). The student will have a guaranteed spot for the entire academic year 2022/23.
It is possible to register all year around, as long as there are spots available on the teachers’ calendars.
Students registering in the middle of a semester will only be charged for the remaining lessons on that semester.


A downloadable link to the studio calendar is always available on the website: It shows the days when the studio operates and the days when it is closed due to Norwegian school holidays. There will be no lessons when the studio is closed. The number of lessons given per academic year depends on the studio calendar and which day of the week the student wants to have the lesson. Our prices have been adjusted to match the number of teaching days.

Each semester has 5 months of lessons approximately.
(Semester 1: 22 August - 21 December ; Semester 2: 3 January - 22 June).


A link to the current prices is always available on the website:
The total amount of the course 2022/23 will be paid via eFaktura (electronic invoices) in 10 installments (5 equal installments per semester). Students registering in the middle of a semester will pay for the remaining lessons on that semester, and will also have the option of paying in installments.
Failed payments will be sent to inkasso (debt collection agency), and students may lose their right to attend their lessons.

There is a yearly enrolment fee of 460kr to cover administrative costs (paid by card at the moment of registration).


The trial lesson has the following cost:

460 kr / 30 min
810 kr / 60 min

For new students, the first lesson is a trial lesson, which means that they can choose to cancel their registration after the trial lesson. This must be done by sending an email within the next 5 days after the first lesson to A verbal message to the teacher will not be valid. If students cancel their registration, the difference between the enrolment fee and the cost of the trial lesson will be invoiced (0 kr per 30min // kr 350 per 60 min). If the student who has taken the trial lesson does not send an email within the next 5 days, he/she automatically becomes a weekly student of OIPS and therefore commits to one semester of lessons.

If a student does not show up at the trial lesson, the whole amount of the trial lesson will be invoiced.


The binding time for regular weekly lessons is one semester.

The contract becomes binding when the student registers online. For new students, it becomes binding 5 days after the trial lesson takes place. The agreement cannot be terminated in the middle of a semester.


Cancellation of the contract for the second semester (starting 3 January) must be made in writing by 1 December. A verbal message to the teacher will not be not valid. Those who have not reported in writing to the studio's administration      ( by the specified deadline, will be automatically transferred to the next semester and must pay full fees for the second semester.

Students who register for weekly lessons after 1 December commit to the second semester 5 days after the trial lesson.


Each student is expected to attend his or her weekly slot on time. If a student is delayed or cannot attend, he or she should call or send a text message to the teacher as soon as possible to let him or her know about it. Lessons cannot be extended if the student is delayed.

There will be no refunds if a student misses a lesson for whatever reason. The tuition fee reserves an exclusive weekly slot in the teacher’s schedule for that particular student. Students have the right to up to 2 make up lessons/reschedulings per semester, always subject to the teacher’s availability.

If a teacher cannot attend a lesson due to illness, a concert or any other reason, the teacher and the student will try to reschedule that lesson or a substitute teacher will be provided. If none of these options were possible, the student will be refunded for the missed lesson.

OIPS does not grant student leaves. If a student takes a break in the middle of the semester, he/she still has to pay for the entire semester. In case of trips, online lessons at the usual weekly slot can be arranged as a temporary solution at no extra cost.


The student is responsible for buying the books and other teaching material required by the teacher. All children must bring a blank notebook for the teacher to write down their assigned homework.


Oslo International Piano Studio is not responsible for any injury sustained on the premises or during the concerts/events, nor is it responsible for loss of assets. The parent/guardian assumes full responsibility for the well-being of the child and he/she is always welcome to watch the classes if he/she wishes to do so.


The student is expected to arrive on time and well prepared for the lesson.

OIPS reserves the right to terminate this agreement for the following reasons:

- Repeated absence without valid reason or repeated absence without notification.
- Lack of interest in the work
- Disciplinary reasons


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